A fast-paced, physics-based, 2d hotseat dogfighter.

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Challenge your friends to a fight through vast debris fields, traversing the tight corridors and automated defenses of abandoned space stations with your small and agile ships, grinding the station's friction chargers to salvage energy. A carefully thrown countermeasure will divert a missile towards your opponents, ending the fight in a millisecond, or board a stranded destroyer, unleashing a laser barrage that forces them into their escape pods. While doing all that, the full inertia of your ship will make a rewarding experience of each successful maneuver.

When your master plans fail, expect to die in the most varied ways, be it one-shotted, incinerated, radiation posioned, stranded due to lack of fuel, boarded by force, tractor beamed into the jaws of a recycler ship, or simply getting stuck to a magnetized container, forever.

Negspace is in development, be noticed once it´s done!

Current gameplay features
  • Old school split-screen action (up to 4 players).
  • Minimalist approach to UI and controls.
  • Translational and rotational inertia, for the full spacey feeling.
  • Inmersive 2d field of view.
  • Three completely different ship classes.
  • Board or jettison from any ship, always keeping the momentum!
  • Avoid missiles and their nasty AI (or divert them if you're good enough).
  • Be stranded, irradiated, incinerated or exploded to pieces.
  • Watch it in agony from your killcam.
  • Grind the chargers to reload your battery! A fully charged ship handles better, and shoots faster! (and an empty battery equals a dead pilot)
  • Many other bits hidden around the devlog.

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«Negspace is apparently Pablo Pencha's "first foray into gamedev". I don't see how that can be possible.» - Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun

«Anything from Pencha has my highest recommendation » - Juan. J. Campanella, Academy Award winning director

«The pixel art mixed with realistic physics and interesting ship designs gives Negspace a unique style all its own.» - Christian Valentin, Indie Game Enthusiast

«Negspace, I'm keeping an eye on you.» - Gnome, @gnomeslair

«Ohhhhhhhhhhh this looks so damn cool!» - James Primate, Rain World

«Negspace is looking pretty damn cool.» - Jaime Cross, Monstrum

«Contender to best shooter of 2015» - Rock Paper Shotgun, again!

About me

I'm Pablo Pencha, an Argentine Image and Sound designer. With a professional background as VFX supervisor, filmmaker and visual artist, I decided to finally try my hands at a personal gamedev project. That´s how Negspace was born!

See what happened from that day to date in the Devlog.
Stay tuned for updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for reading!


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